Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

So I am the only Rehrman girl without out a valentine but thats ok because I have my valentine dishes to eat breakfast on(Thank you Gretchen). That is just as good as a valentine right? Oh well.
Anyways...OH! Is OHver! Can't believe I am saying it but I will miss that dance a little. I will miss Susan Quinn being around A LOT! But keeping her in my thoughts for her surgery. (For those of you who don't know, Susan is one of my jazz professors). Now that this show is over it is on to the next! I am so excited to perform Scat and Sculpture Garden! Especially since my parents will be here! Not so excited about wearing the metallic unitard...lets just say I will be hitting the gym hard the next two weeks.
Hope all you love birds out there have a great valentines day. I know me and my chocolate will!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Busy busy busy...

Sorry yall! I know it has been a while but shows are underway and I am busy busy! Yesterday was Wednesday, and yes ryan it was indeed wonderful! I got some yummy popcorn sent to me for Valentines day :) Thanks mom! made granola with the girls and got a call from my daddy! can't wait for he and my mom to come!!!! And can't wait for Uncle Robert to be here!
Got an exciting e-mail on Monday! My Dance Spirit Article is out! It is gorgeous! They did a great job! I am going to try and attach it but I am not not sure it will work...
* i think that may be as big as I can get it but I will certainly work on it.
Have a great Thursday!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Boy did I need a break this weekend! After the first full week back to school I was exhausted! Friday night I went to dinner with Kelly at Pastiche, a modern French kind of place, but our waiter was slow. Not a place I would go back to. By the end of Friday night I found myself in bed at 10:30 with a few loads of laundry done (all the machines were open, afterall who does laundry on a Friday night?) The next morning I had a buddy breakfast with Michael at the B Line. Probably my favorite restaurant in Tucson :) I highly reccomend the honey butter biscuit :x
Saturday I finished my laundry and went to Don Q rehearsal only to find out it was canceled because Candice has an infection in her foot. That's what understudies are for ;) Saturday evening I made dinner with Kelly and Gretchen (*See Picture) and then hung out with Michelle and Emily. Sunday was filled with rehearsal, grocery shopping and the gym. Now I am ready for a long week to start!
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister Madison who is not so little anymore! The big 1-5!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday!

This just means we are halfway through! Plus for some reasons I just love Wednesdays! No blog for me yesterday, it was my busy day, and yes it was busier than ever. No time for a break at all. Although I won't really have a break today either MWF are just more pleasant.
This morning while checking my horoscope on yahoo I came upon this article. Instead of just writing about what I do everyday (Because usually it is the same thing, which gets a bit old) I thought I would share something different with all of you.
I think it is worth a read. If we could all do these things, we would be better people and the world would be a better place. Just something to think about...

Monday, January 24, 2011

A dancin' weekend...

So I am back from Phoenix and had a great weekend of dancing! I had so much fun taking some different classes (not so much fun dancing on those ballroom floors!) I got to take 2 of Mark's classes which were both fantastic :) I also got to take from Travis Wall (will put up a link to that video) Stacey Tookey, Ivan Koumaev, (All from SYTYCD) and a few others. I am super sore though. I have a feeling that this will be a long week. It is the first full week we have had since we got back to school and I have an INSANE amount of rehearsals. I am going to be so tired by Friday! Good thing I love it...and It is a good thing I went to nuvo this past weekend. Sometimes I think that changing it up re-inspires you.
Found this quote from a friend...Something we could all try to remember all the time...
*And here is a pic from the weekend and a link to the video I talked about!
"Passion makes the world go round, love just makes it a safer place. Involve your passion with your love."

Friday, January 21, 2011


Ok ok, I know I didn't write anything yesterday, but believe me there wasn't a lot to write about and not too much today. This week has been pretty standard. Yesterday was a long day (as Tuesday/Thursdays usually are...and you will probably hear about it on those days) however, for being such a long day it went by rather quickly. The highlight of my day was definitely getting my face smashed by Caitlins butt in Sculpture Garden. Well maybe that wasn't the highlight, maybe we should say that was the most comical part of my day. I also had "OH!" rehearsal, which again was very productive thanks to Truby and her mad cleaning skills.
This weekend I am going to nuvo (a dance convention) in Phoenix with Michelle, Sean, Emily, and Gianni! Should be fun and I get to take class with my favorite choreographer...Mark Meismer! It will be good for me to get a weekend away from rehearsals and whatnot. I'm sure I will have lots of stories and pictures from the trip! Til Monday!
*Ryan the picture is for you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Longest. Day. Ever.

So yesterday was indeed the longest day ever. I woke up extra early to go to the gym, then jazz, repertoire, choreography and 3 rehearsals. 10 to 10. Needless to say I crashed when I got back home (After having a bite of the yummy trail mix Bree sent me...which was a wonderful surprise after a long day and so sweet or her to send!) Although yesterday was a long one, rehearsals were super productive. We are gettin' things all in all, a great day! Today won't be so bad, I am done at 5! Hooray!
*I found this little picture when I was "stumbling" I fully support everything it says. I wish I could make it a poster and put it on my wall.
Even though yesterday was "The longest day ever" I am doing something I love. Hope you all are as well!