Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Longest. Day. Ever.

So yesterday was indeed the longest day ever. I woke up extra early to go to the gym, then jazz, repertoire, choreography and 3 rehearsals. 10 to 10. Needless to say I crashed when I got back home (After having a bite of the yummy trail mix Bree sent me...which was a wonderful surprise after a long day and so sweet or her to send!) Although yesterday was a long one, rehearsals were super productive. We are gettin' things all in all, a great day! Today won't be so bad, I am done at 5! Hooray!
*I found this little picture when I was "stumbling" I fully support everything it says. I wish I could make it a poster and put it on my wall.
Even though yesterday was "The longest day ever" I am doing something I love. Hope you all are as well!

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