Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Boy did I need a break this weekend! After the first full week back to school I was exhausted! Friday night I went to dinner with Kelly at Pastiche, a modern French kind of place, but our waiter was slow. Not a place I would go back to. By the end of Friday night I found myself in bed at 10:30 with a few loads of laundry done (all the machines were open, afterall who does laundry on a Friday night?) The next morning I had a buddy breakfast with Michael at the B Line. Probably my favorite restaurant in Tucson :) I highly reccomend the honey butter biscuit :x
Saturday I finished my laundry and went to Don Q rehearsal only to find out it was canceled because Candice has an infection in her foot. That's what understudies are for ;) Saturday evening I made dinner with Kelly and Gretchen (*See Picture) and then hung out with Michelle and Emily. Sunday was filled with rehearsal, grocery shopping and the gym. Now I am ready for a long week to start!
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister Madison who is not so little anymore! The big 1-5!

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