Friday, January 21, 2011


Ok ok, I know I didn't write anything yesterday, but believe me there wasn't a lot to write about and not too much today. This week has been pretty standard. Yesterday was a long day (as Tuesday/Thursdays usually are...and you will probably hear about it on those days) however, for being such a long day it went by rather quickly. The highlight of my day was definitely getting my face smashed by Caitlins butt in Sculpture Garden. Well maybe that wasn't the highlight, maybe we should say that was the most comical part of my day. I also had "OH!" rehearsal, which again was very productive thanks to Truby and her mad cleaning skills.
This weekend I am going to nuvo (a dance convention) in Phoenix with Michelle, Sean, Emily, and Gianni! Should be fun and I get to take class with my favorite choreographer...Mark Meismer! It will be good for me to get a weekend away from rehearsals and whatnot. I'm sure I will have lots of stories and pictures from the trip! Til Monday!
*Ryan the picture is for you.

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