Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Obama for Olive...

Ok so in case you were i did not make it in to the McKale auditorium to see Obama's speech, despite the two and a half hour wait in line with the other 20,000 people. They decided to send everyone to the stadium to watch it on the jumbo screen. Not me though, I went to Gretchen's apartment and watched on the TV because (as those of you who really know me already know) I did not want to wait outside anymore. (yes AZ does get cold sometimes) Obama's speech was terrific, something I will always remember. My favorite line was when he said something like, "Life can't be measured by wealth, status or fame, but by your ability to love" I think that is something we all need to remember more often throughout our days. President of The University, Robert Shelton also spoke, and might I say, we have one stud-ly president (bear down America!) And as for Michelle, she was looking fierce in that purple dress and sweater. As for those who passed or were injured in the shooting, Tucson as well as the rest of America, has you in their hearts.
On a lighter note, today is the first day of school! Beginning my day with a peanut butter english muffin, and a trip to the gym. Then jazz, repertoire, choreography, rehearsal. Nine hour we go!
*Here is the mob of people going to the football stadium when we found out we didn't get into the arena.


  1. Was that shooting at your school? I knew it was in Tucson, but I wasn't sure if it was UofA....

  2. No it was actually at a grocery store nearby :/