Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The weekend wrap up!

Thanks to Mr. MLK we had a three day weekend! I ended up not having rehearsal on friday so I got to go to the gym, then Kelly and I had our Friday night date and went to the adorable Mexican restaurant on fourth. I Had the open face veggie enchiladas...nummy! And cheap food! Its called La Indita for those of you in Tucson. Saturday I literally had nothing to do...WHAT!? This is unheard of in the world of Oliver. We did try to go to Wicked at Centennial Hall; we entered the lottery to get tickets but no such luck :( So we were all dressed up and no where to go... Saturday night was an early one and I found myself in bed at 10, not such a bad thing!
Sunday was another day off! Can you believe it? I ran a solid 6 miles at the gym, and it felt so good! After that I hung out with Adam and we had an Adam and Olivia day! Then Kelly, Adam and I went to happy hour at Ra... Can you say $3 sushi rolls? Well it was good fuel for what was coming for me the next morning. My schedueled 2 hour Don Q rehearsal turned into a 3 hour one. I will just say that my little toes were not happy with me. However, I just want to point out that I have the best partner ever...Sean! You can never go wrong when one of your best friends is your partner...and a talented one at that! Rehearsal went really well...The pas is actually recognizable now and I got the 32 fouettes. They may not have been the prettiest but they are happening. *Note: In my last post I said we were doing the pas from that video. No. We are doing the whole thing, variations, coda and all.
Last night was an Oliver and Cost-a-lot night (Michelle) We made stir fry! Yum Yum! So now the work begins. Ready for another week? I don't know. It is only 4 days but those could be a long four days. Off to the gym for a quick workout then class and rehearsal from 10 to 10 today...ouch. Wish me luck.
*Above is a picture of me and my fabulous roommate Kelly from this weekend!

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